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1. El Bus dels Tertulians, al Polònia
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Vídeo d'humor del programa Polònia, on acompanyant una suposada ruta dels tertulians en una jornada de feina que comença a "El matí de Catalunya Ràdio" i acaba al "23/24". - Link to the video <object ...
"Tetanus, Death, and Aerobics: The evaluation of disease-specific health policies", (with Will Dow, Jessica Holmes, and Thomas Philipson), mimeo Yale University, June 1995. ...
"European Migration: Push and Pull, comment", Proceedings of the World Bank Annual Conference on Development Economics, 1995. Reprinted in International Regional Science Review, January 1996.
"Health Investment Complementarities Under Competing Risks" (with Will Dow, and Thomas Philipson). American Economic Review, Vol. 89, Number 5, pp.1358-71, December 1999. (PDF copy with the working paper ...
"Unhealthy People are Poor People...And Vice Versa", keynote address at the European Conference on Health Economics of the International Health Economics Association, Paris, July 2002. ...