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09 February 2005
The Poor Problem (Newsweek)
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Karen Lowry Miller | Newsweek International

The Poor Problem
The war on poverty is gaining momentum, and will figure high on the agenda at Davos this week, against a sobering backdrop: the war is not going as well as many thought.

Jan. 31 issue - A different war is now competing for the world's headlines—the war on poverty. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has made fighting African poverty a cornerstone of his leadership of the G8 this year, and will devote the March Finance ministers' meeting to it, while Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown is pushing a Marshall Plan for Africa. Both men are featured players at the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland, this week; there, poverty will stand high on the agenda, fast on the heels of an ambitious blueprint released last week by the United Nations, aiming to revive its Millennium Development Goals, a project launched in 2000 to halve global poverty by 2015. [...]

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